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10-foot USB Extension Cable

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USB Extension Cable 10'
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The specification for USB states that the maximum length of a USB cable is 5 meters (16 feet). As a result, you cannot extend the distance of your USB device more than 16 feet without using a USB "active" extension cable (also known as a USB repeater cable). This cable contains active electronics which boost the USB signal for maximum reliability and performance over extended distances.

Caution: Each active extension cable uses a portion of the power supplied via the USB cable and may cause a dim display or malfunction of the Lathem TouchStation because this device gets its power from the same USB cable.

Lathem has tested this particular cable and has achieved acceptable performance with up to 4 cables (64 feet total). However, your system's performance will be determined by many factors including the power output of your PC's USB port.

For the best results, (up to 150 ft) we recommend using the USB Super Extender.

Windows XP, ME, 2000, 98SE, and Mac

USB Spec
1.1 specification for both low and full speed

USB 1.1 and 2.0 (at USB 1.1 speeds)

Cable Length
10 feet

Power Supply
Bus Powered

Supply Current Drawn
500 mA maximum, 300 mA typical

1 Type A Male, 1 Type A Female

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