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Fresh Ribbon for Amano PIX Series Time Clock

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Ribbon for Amano PIX Series
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Fresh ink cartridge ribbon for Amano PIX Series time clock. Easy to install and ships within 24 hours.

Specifications for Amano PIX Series time clock ribbon:

Width 0.5 inches x Length 7.5 feet
Color: Black, Green, Purple and Red


Amano PIX-10
Amano PIX-15
Amano PIX-21
Amano PIX-55
Amano PIX-200
Amano PIX-3000
Amano TCX-11
Amano TCX-21
Amano TCX-22
Amano TCX-45
Amano CP-3000
Amano CP-5000
Amano EX-6000
Amano EX-6200
Amano EX-9000
Amano NS-5100
Amano BX-6000
Amano MJR 8500

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